Lakers Dump D’angelo Russell

What’s up fellow sports fans, welcome back to my favourite place on the internet my sports and fitness blog. The NBA fans among you will probably be surprised to hear about D’Angelo Russell, who just went from point guard of the future to salary cap casualty in two years. The second overall pick from 2015 was supposed to be the heir to Kobe Bryant and help the Lakers with their rebuild. Unfortunately the flashy point guard has now been sacrificed by the gods of the LA front office.

The Trade

According to a report from the Lakers, they have agreed to trade Russell along with Timofey Mozgov to the Nets while the Nets send back Brook Lopez and their first round pick in this week’s draft. Last second draft deals are fairly common in the NBA, but involving a player who was seen to have a future with the team is a little strange. Nevertheless, acquiring a first round pick is always a good idea.

Lakers Grade

Russell did not have the greatest tenure in LA, lets gets that out of the way right now. He came into tinsel town at the ripe age of 19 and had to play for a coach who had no faith in him and a legend who didn’t have the time to play with a rookie. He helped himself even more by making his most newsworthy point of his rookie year releasing a tape of teammate Nick Young discussing certain ‘private matters’. He got out of the situation, but showed very little appreciation. The Lakers grade on this essentially boils down to the fact that the front office should be able to acquire more potential via the draft and free agency then they lose without Russell.

D'Angelo Russell