Get Ready for Rugby Tryouts

Hey gals and guys, Christina here at Bedfordathrugby. This is my sports and fitness blogs for any first time readers. Normally I cover things to do with playing the game of rugby, like my overview of the All Blacks. Today however I wanted to go over something that happens before you even set foot on the field with your sweater on. I am talking about try-outs. We have all been at try-outs before, competing with dozens of other under the grueling sun, seeing who drops first. You need the proper equipment if you want to win, as you need to keep yourself cool during all of the running, tackling and rucking. Make sure to take a look at some of the great deals on so you can get the latest sports clothing at last year’s price.

rugby tryouts

Compression Top

Ball carriers in rugby need to have the least amount of cloth exposed possible. For this the best choice is compression clothing, as it sticks to your body and can be really hard to get a fistful of. My favorite shirts are the ones with superhero logos on them, I like to imagine myself being as powerful as the hero I am portraying. If you look at the shirts for sale on there is a great selection of cheap super hero compression tops that will make you stand out in any tryouts. Even a Super Rugby team would think twice to cut someone with the powers of Superman.  Compression Top

Sweat Shorts

Now, the thought of sweat shorts for the heat probably confuses a lot of you. They seem heavy, and in reality they are usually made of lots of cotton and are really, really hot. But for some reason they seem to just wick the sweat away. Sweat shorts are also great to run around in, they give a good amount of air movement so you can stay cool during the whole try out. There are lots of options to look through on, there are some great deals on sweat shorts that you can get a couple different styles if you want. Hollister shorts that are for sale on there are some of my favorite, they give a great amount of air flow and sway so you can run down the field with no issues.

Sweat Shorts Hollister

Good Attitude

Going to try-outs can be hard. You don’t really know if you are going to make it, but all you can do is give it your 100% and know that you tried your best. I hope that this was an informative post for everyone, and that it helps anyone who has tryouts soon. For anyone who is going to their tryouts soon, I wish you the best of luck. Just remember to try your best and show respect to all of the coaches and players.