The All Blacks

Hi everyone! How are we all doing on this fine April day? Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog, Bedford ATH Rugby.  I’ve just recently booked my next adventure, a trip around New Zealand and Australia, and I’m so excited.  I’ve booked it so that I can follow one of my favourite Rugby teams; The All Blacks; play. I went online and found a cheap All Blacks rugby top to wear from;  

 All Blacks

Brief History

You can’t be interested in Rugby and not be in awe of the New Zealand All Blacks. Out of 531 games that the All Blacks have played since the 1900’s, they have won 406 games, losing only 106.  And since the 2011 world cup, where New Zealand spectacularly defeated France, they have won 93% of their matches.  And since 2000, England and New Zealand have met on the field 16 times, with England being the victor in only 2 of these occasions. They are without a doubt the greatest Rugby team to ever exist, and there history

The Haka

And you can’t mention the All Blacks without discussing the Haka. Haka is the generic name given to all types and forms of Maori dance.  Nowadays it is more commonly used to describe the section of the dance where men stand at the front and women vocalise at the back. A new version of the Haka called the Kapa o Pango is now performed at the beginning of every All Black game.

All Black Sevens

Any of you who read my post on the Sevens finals knows that I like the fast paced game Sevens brings. I want to take in a couple Sevens matches during my trip, so I found a really cheap All Blacks jersey from that I hope to get signed by the eventual Olympic All Blacks Sevens team. If not, then it will be an awesome sweater to practice in when I am playing.

 All Blacks Jersey

Backyard Rugby

I am also really excited to be playing some amateur matches during my trip. I found some beer-league style teams that have drop in, so once I pick what sweater I want to wear from I will be ready to step onto the pitch when I am there. The sweaters are all really cheap, so I think I can probably buy a couple different ones so I can have more flexibility of what teams I can play on.

 Rugby Sweater

See you soon!

So that is why I am so so excited to go on a trip around Australia and New Zealand. I plan to see probably 4 matches in total between going to all the different teams and hopefully getting my jersey signed. I actually need to go and start doing more packing for the trip now, I have so much more to do! If you enjoyed this post and want to read another post that is like this one, but isn’t this one, then check out my post on Australian Super Rugby dropping a team soon. Take care everyone!