Super Rugby to drop a Team?

Whats up everyone, Christine here with some more rugby information for my sports and fitness blog. Do any of you watch the Australian Super Rugby League that has been going on for the past couple years? It has started to expand into more countries as of late, which I think is great. With this expansion the league needs to stay competitive though that could mean that one of Australia’s five teams may have to be dropped from the league.

But Who?

The Melbourne Rebels seem to be the obvious contender, being the least super out of any teams in the Super League. In two rounds this season the Rebels have let through 18 tries and only managed two for themselves. They haven’t scored many points from anywhere on the field at all, only conjuring up 24 points compared to the 127 points that were scored against them.

After the recent expansion and with deliberations over Super Rugby playoff format looming one would expect that most teams would be fighting for their spots on the ladder as if their lives depended on it, but the Rebels didn’t get that memo. Numerous players in their games against the Blues and the Hurricanes appear to be in a non contact walk through. Both losses had their stress-fully excruciating moments; players not even attempting to down their opponent or only half tackling. Then there are the straight up follies of star players running into their teammates.

With more countries joining Super Rugby, the teams will need to be distributed better and that means culling the competition. If the Rebels continue with this appalling play style after the break, they may easily see themselves on the losing end of that cull.

New South Wales Super Rugby Team

World Sevens in Vegas

Hey there sports fans, how is everyone doing today? The World Rugby Sevens Series finished up its leg in Las Vegas, Nevada on the weekend and South Africa extended their lead. The South African Blitzboks defeated Fiji to give themselves a 24 point lead in the series that has seen them win 4 out of the 5 tournaments this term. The game was a rocky affair for the Blitzboks,but managed to control the game in the second half and outscore Fiji three tries to two.

Blitzboks on the up

The Blitzboks have managed to get to second place in the series for the past four years, but this year they are leading the pack after victories in Dubai, Sydney, Wellington and as of last week, Las Vegas. Their only major loss unfortunately came in Cape Town during the HSBC Cape Town Sevens in December but other than that small blemish the team have a perfect start to the 2017 campaign.


Head Coach Neil Powell seemed very pleased with the way his team has been performing, noting that the players are believing in their system and working hard as a team and not as individuals. Powell also noted this as a great thing for the nation of South Africa as the players are showing a lot of pride in their jerseys and the fact that they can represent their home country. He also noted that their second half game was a much needed improvement over the first half, and that the team was able to compose themselves to secure this win.

The host country USA finished in third place after a narrow 19-15 defeat of New Zealand for the bronze medal, and Kenya manages a victory over Samoa 21-14 for the Challenge Trophy.

rugby world sevens

Welcome to my Sports Blog

Hey there everyone, welcome! My name is Christine, and this is my brand new sports and fitness blog! I am a rugby girl at heart, so expect to see a ruck load of rugby posts on here. I also spent a considerable amount of time in the weight room in the past decade, originally trying to maintain my build for rugby but after a shoulder injury that would keep happening when I contacted other players I started to get into bodybuilding. So in my opinion I have a lot to share about the worlds of rugby, injury rehabilitation and bodybuilding that I really want to share with everyone.

Like most (or hopefully all) of you I like to learn a little bit more everyday. Because of this, I  try to read up about a new and different sport at least once a week, and I really want to share that with you. This might be some strange type of fishing, a new style of rugby or even just some crazy even that people do once a year that seem athletic. So yea, this is my blog and I am really excited to share all my ideas with you. See you soon.